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The Past history of famous sports in the sports world

World cup

The 22nd world cup will be held in 2022 in Qatar which started to be held in 1930. This is also the international game in which every national football team under FIFA takes part. The world cup is held once in four years. So, this is the point for many people who would like to wait for their excitement.

How the FIFA World Cup came about

The person who tried hard to become the most interesting world cup is Jules Rimet who is a French football administrator and the 3rd president of FIFA. FIFA was established in 1904. The first world cup can be held only in 1930. Before 1930, football competitions were included in summer Olympics games. In 1929, FIFA congress was scheduled to take place in Uruguay for the first time because it was the same as the 100th year of the country in Barcelona.The first champion of the 1930 world cup is also the Uruguay national football team.

Europe Champion League Cup

The cup in which the top 4 teams from every league take part started in 1955. It was introduced in 1955 and the only champion team of the national league can take part at first.This changed the name to the current Champion League from the European Cup in 1992. The team which wins the champion league can take part in the champion league, UEFA super cup, and FIFA world cup next year. The most successful team is Real Madrid which won 13 times in history. European cup or UEFA Champion league which started in 1955 is 65 years old now.

Europa League Cup

The Europa League Cup, which has been held since 1971, is now 49 years old.The UEFA Europa League is a competition involving 48 European clubs and is the second most important competition for European clubs after the UEFA Champions League.In the Europa League, clubs are eligible based on their performance in their league and cup competitions.

FA Cup

Also known as The Football Association Challenge Cup, the FA Cup is an annual competition for English national football clubs. The first game played during the 1871-72 season was the oldest national football tournament in the world. It was named after the Football Association (FA) and became known as the Emirates FA Cup due to its main sponsor, the Emirates, since 2015. At the same time, the women's competition was also called the FA Women's Cup.The club that wins the FA Cup will qualify for the UEFA Europa League and the upcoming FA Cup. The FA Cup, which dates back to 1871, is now 149 years old.

The UEFA Super Cup

The UEFA Super Cup is an annual Super Cup football match between two major European club competitions, the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.

From 1972 to 1999, the UEFA Super Cup was a competition between the European Cup and the UEFA Champions League.Following the cancellation of the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, the winners of the UEFA Champions League and the winners of the 2009 UEFA Europa League will compete.The most successful teams in the history of the UEFA Super Cup are Barcelona and Milan.The UEFA Super Cup, which has been held since 1972, is now 48 years old.

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